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[ Light-O-Rama] sell a number of Christmas lighting controllers both in kit and assembled form. Whilst every LOR controller will run under the proprietary LOR protocol, many (but not all) of them will also work with a DMX signal too.


Hanson Electronics


Advatek Lighting

Falcon Pixel Controller

wjohn (Christmas in Melbourne)


All the DMX devices may need the [[DMX Start Address]] set if you have multiple devices on the same DMX Universe


  • [[media:OM-MC-1101_OM-MC-2100_OM-MC-2200.pdf‎|OM-MC-1101, OM-MC-2100, OM-MC-2200 details]]
  • [[media:Quick_HOWTO_for_LedEdit_Software.pdf‎|"How To" for Onumen LedEdit software]]
  • [[media:Onumen_Manual.pdf|Manual for Onumen controllers]]

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