The dp2 is a p2 and a d2 merged together and shrunk to fit in the palm of your hand. It comes in a translucent blue plastic case with the rj45 on one end, a microusb and expansion port on one side and a 6 pin minigreenie (2.54mm pitch) on the other end.


The 6 pins are:
  1. ground
  2. port1 clock, port1b, port1-
  3. port1 data, port1a, port1+
  4. port2 clock, port2b, port2-
  5. port2 data, port2a, port2+
  6. +V input 5v or 7v-24vdc

There are jumpers for voltage selection just like ECG-P2/ECG-D2

DMX/SPI Operation

There are output jumpers that select either 2 single ended or a differential pair for each port.

If in single ended:

Each port can drive either a single 4wire string using clock and data or it can drive 1 or 2 3wire strings. If 3wire the primary string (A) goes over the data wire and the secondary string (B) goes over the clock wire.

If in differential:

Each port can output dmx, renard, or a single string of 3wire differential to drive a ppr 100s of feet away.

Both ports are totally independent but can only do one mode/string type each. DMX and renard are limited to one universe (512 channels) per port. Pixel outputs can have 2 universes per string or a total of 4 universes per port.

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