The iDMX-1000 is a hardware-based adapter for connecting DMX fixtures into a standalone or director-run Light-O-Rama controller network (when there is no desktop or laptop computer driving a light show).

When a show computer is part of a Christmas controller network, the iDMX-1000 is an expensive component as DMX fixtures can be operated by an [[Interfaces#USB_to_DMX512|USB to DMX adapter]] and alternative sequencing software such as [[Software#LightShow Pro|LightShow Pro]] or [[Software#Vixen|Vixen]] (with a 3rd-party LOR1 plug-in).

The iDMX-1000 consists of 512 DMX channels and 64 intelligent channels (ichans). Whenever one channel has an effect applied to it (be that twinkle, shimmer, fade up or down) that channel is allocated to 1 of the 64 ichans. Thus it is impossible to have more than 64 channels outputting an effect at the same time without multiple iDMX-1000 adapters.

[ iDMX-1000_Man_Web.pdf]

== See Also ==
* [[Light-O-Rama_and_DMX#Connecting_DMX_to_a_Light-O-Rama_network|Connecting DMX fixtures to a Light-O-Rama network]]

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